Tuesday, May 22, 2018

JT of BIG WOO RADIO is rocking with Flyy Drexler's SKYYPE

"JT" of the prestigious BIG WOO RADIO is rocking with Flyy Drexler's new single "Skyype"!  This is what he had to say 

The incredible beat and the smooth dynamic flow from Flyy Drexler single Skype will keep you moving for sho..Bonafide summer anthem indeed - JT of Big Woo Radio


Flyy Drexler's "Skyype" will certainly get love on the station. STREAM BIG WOO RADIO at http://www.BigWooRadio.com

TINA WRIGHT tells us what she hears on SKYYPE

Popular Georgia based blogtalk radio personality Tina Wright has a great ear for new music, and when she recently caught wind of the new single "Skyype" from FLYY DREXLER this is what she had to say....

It has a catchy beat, I could see this being played in the club's

Indeed Indeed!

The single will also be played on the WBRPP Network!

Singer SOUNDZ GRATE is hooked on "Skyype"!

Popular Singer / songwriter / performer SOUNDZ GRATE is rocking with the new single "Skyype" from FLYY DREXLER!  This is what he had to say....

" Yo once the track started I was already hooked, then when the beat dropped I was leaning and rocking before I even knew it! I listen to music all day and night, and having to filter trough music for my radio show, I'd definitely want this in rotation. Hell I started writing lyrics for the g-mix. I've played it 4 times already. two thumbs up!"
-  Soundz Grate

True indeed!  Get more updates from Soundz Grate at his official promo blog at http://www.SoundzGrate.blogspot.com