Friday, August 19, 2016

Candice Norwood gets behind Flyy Drexler's single "Came From Nothing"

Entertainment industry professional Candice Norwood supports Flyy Drexler's single and video "Came From Nothing" and had wonderful things to say about the single.  This is what she had to say....

Flyy Drexler talks about coming from nothing

on his awesome song "Came from Nothing" ,

and with music like this he is on his way to really

come up. I am excited to hear more from him

as he is thriving in the music industry.

- Candice Norwood


Candice Norwood is now currently working alongside "Some Guy Named Jay" of Southeast Hip Hop & The Media Blast to bring more awareness for Flyy Drexler's music, and Candice is currently putting together an Internet / Social Media street team to spread more awareness for the single even further.  Keep checking back here for more updates.

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